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CiscoLive 2013 in London is ready to start

The biggest European Cisco event of the year – CiscoLive – is ready to start!!

As from tomorrow the techtorials are starting, followed as from Tuesday by the Keynotes and the general sessions. We look forward to meet the numerous Belgian and Luxemburg customers and partners attending the event. To give you already a glimpse of one of the main content tracks, please see underneath banner !

unified access ciscolive 2013

For those not able to attend physically CiscoLive in London, do not hesitate to register on the virtual event web site, where you will be able to see the keynotes and get access to very interesting event content : http://www.ciscolive.com/london/virtual/

Cisco Live update: Mobile Networks for situational awareness for on the go public safety users

An update from Cisco Live by Benjamin Hourte of Hitec. Benjamin presents you their solution called DISP (Dynamic Information Sharing Platform).

DISP is a middleware relying on Cisco’s Wireless Mobile Ad-Hoc Network and IOS Network Mobility providing situational awarness for first-responder and public safety users.

Also check http://www.disp-solution.com and http://www.publicsafetysuite.com


Borderless Power Management with Cisco EnergyWise

Cisco EnergyWise was first introduced in February 2009 (Best of InterOp 2009 Green Award) and is basically a response to the very high demand from businesses to monitor, control and manage energy.

“Green” is a hot topic nowadays. Not only will it save businesses a lot of money instantly but having a green image as a business is also of not to be underestimated value in terms of marketing.

Think about the environmental concerns and government directives, there is an increased need for sustainable and “green” business IT operations.
Methods to measure power consumption and control energy output are now the focus of businesses worldwide, with customers looking for consolidated energy management across different device and communications media.

So what exactly is Cisco EnergyWise ?

Cisco EnergyWise is an innovative architecture, available “free of charge” in our existing Cisco Catalyst switches and Integrated Services Routers.

EnergyWise enables companies to measure the power consumption of their network infrastructure and network-attached devices, and to manage the power consumption using specific policies leading to reduced power consumption and important cost savings, and this potentially for any powered device.

How does it all work? Well I can’t explain it better then Robb Boyd:
Fundamentals of Cisco EnergyWise

Cisco’s vision for EnergyWise consists out of 3 phases:

Phase 1: ‘Network Control’, is the management of the energy consumption of IP enabled Power over Ethernet devices like IP-phones, physical security cameras and wireless access points through EnergyWise.

In my next blog I’ll talk more about Phase 2!

Learn more: http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/ps10195/index.html

Estimate your potential savings with this green calculator: http://www.cisco.com/assets/cdc_content_elements/flash/netsys/calc/demo.html Continue reading

The Power of Participation

Today, Cisco launched the “Power of Participation”, an important extension to both Cisco’s Borderless Networks architecture and Cisco’s Data Center Business Advantage architectural framework.

Why the “Power of Participation”? Because we are right in front of the third wave of the Internet Evolution. Wave 1 (1990s) was all about connectivity and transforming transactions (E-commerce, B2B, B2C). Wave 2 (2000s) was about driving inclusion and transforming interactions through social media and the consumerization of IT. Last week, in this blog, I mentioned some future trends: mobility, internet of things, cloud and collaboration/video. As these trends take full scale, they will fundamentally transform organizations and we will be entering Wave 3 of the Internet Evolution: an era of changed business interactions and new user expectations. In this era, end users will expect their collaborative, video-rich work environment virtually and securely Anywhere, Anytime on Any Device of their choice (the New Normal). They will demand a Borderless Experience giving them the Power to Participate optimally to business. In this new era, businesses will also demand to IT the Power to Participate and transform in an agile way into new and changing business models.

How will we enable this Borderless Experience and these new business models? Through an architectural Borderless Networks approach delivering uniform network services. In previous Borderless Networks launches, we already delivered network services such as Motion (driving Anywhere mobility capabilities); Medianet (supporting media-rich video collaboration), EnergyWise (driving energy control and building management) and TrustSec (driving secure support for Any Device and controlled access for Anyone).

In today’s announcement, we take an important next step in delivering Anywhere – Any Device capability with the launch of AnyConnect 3.0. The Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client provides a single 802.1x authentication framework, allowing smooth and transparent wired or wireless access and delivering a seamless Always-On secure (IPSec VPN, SSLVPN, MacSec, …) borderless connectivity experience  across a broad set of PC- and Smartphone-based mobile devices (windows, Apple iPhone, …) (http://www.cisco.com/en/US/prod/collateral/vpndevc/ps6032/ps6094/ps6120/data_sheet_c78-527494_ps10884_Products_Data_Sheet.html). Advantage for the end user: the ability to access and use his business applications seamlessly and securely – without any technology complexity – whether on the wired network at work, on the wireless network in a meeting room, on a wireless guest net, on the road or at home. Advantage for the IT department: being able to open up the access policy to a broad set of devices while still guaranteeing security compliance. This solution also allows to take advantage of cloud-based services while maintaining consistent security policies towards the applications, whether in the on-premise datacenter or in the cloud (www.cisco.com/go/anyconnect).

A Borderless Experience also requires a perfect end-to-end application experience. To enable this, Cisco announced the Application Velocity network service. This network service delivers a network that is application aware, has application visibility and monitoring capabilities, can accelerate applications (WAAS express, WAAS on the Integrated Services Routers ISR-G2’ Services Ready Engine (SRE) (www.cisco.com/go/appvelocity) and can deliver application agility and extend application virtualization up to the branch office (Unified Computing System (UCS) on the ISR-G2 Services Ready Engine (www.cisco.com/go/ucse)).

The launch also considerably expands the network infrastructure in terms of high density and high performance through new announcements in the wireless offering (1040 access points), the Catalyst 4500 platform, the high-end ASR routing platform, the new high-end ASA5585 firewall, the LMS4.0 management platform and EnergyWise.

To enable you to take a fast start in this important network transformation to a Borderless Networks architecture, Cisco has created detailed Validated Design Guides that can help you on your journey: the Smart Business Architecture for mid-sized networks and enterprises  (http://www.cisco.com/en/US/solutions/ns340/ns414/ns742/ns982/landing_sBus_archit.html).

So, who is the person on the picture above? Well, meet Ike Theodore (IT) Willis and follow him towards the Borderless Networks challenge, Oct 5th – Oct 8th and take the chance to win a trip to see Your Wonder of the World: www.cisco.com/go/challenge.

For more info on the announcements, please go to www.cisco.com/go/borderless.

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