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It’s lab time

When you receive your phone bill today and are surprised by the amount you have to pay. You immediately start inspecting the details about your telephone conversations. In there you can find all kinds of interesting information: telephone number called, duration of call, start and end time, cost,… After a thorough analysis you realise that you should be calling more from your IP phone and stop taking your cellular for making those long distance calls. But that is not the main point of todays topic.

If you think about it, the same principle applies to your network utilization. Consumption of network resourses costs money and it is sometimes difficult to do capacity planning. The same information that is on your telephone bill is available through Flexible Netflow on traffic flowing over your network infrastructure. It gives you detailed information on the packets travelling from source to destination.

Are you ever wondering what kind of traffic is running on your network, what applications are consuming more bandwidth, who are the top talkers?

Take a look at this video, enable Flexible Netflow and find out.

More information on:
Cisco IOS Flexible Netflow Technology White Paper

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