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Cisco Live Update: Belgacom ICS (BICS) customer testimonial on Cisco Active Network Abstraction (ANA)

This afternoon in London, Wim De Hul from BICS delivered a very enthusiastic speech on their use of the Active Network Abstraction (ANA) management solution in the BICS network.

Wim started by explaining the challenge facing BICS at the beginning of the project: their environment had grown from a few dozens to a few hundreds of devices to manage on their network.  At the same time, the range of services offered by BICS on the infrastructure was extended from IP transit to applications such as Voice over IP, GRX, SMS and carrier Ethernet.  In order to allow their operations department to cope with their growth, while still maintaining their excellent service to their customers on a 24×7 basis, they needed to find a solution.

The power and flexibility provided by ANA allowed BICS to automate the troubleshooting process to the maximum: in just one click the operator is able to see the path taken by the traffic, the admin statistics of the interfaces etc…  They also integrated ANA with their performance management tool, and are using ANA as a gateway for their alarm systems: they aggregate and do a first level of correlation of the alarms, or even filter some alarms before sending it towards the Netcool application.  Automated provisioning, finding all relevant network information based on customer name, all this allows the BICS operations staff to optimally serve their customers.

The practical experience of BICS with ANA was of great interest to the audience, as demonstrated by the number of questions raised at the end of the presentation.  Great presentation from Wim !

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