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The Nexus1000V Portfolio’s Spring ’11 Public Webinar Series


Cisco is pleased to offer a series of webinars on Cisco’s virtualization technologies and products.  Seminars are offered under two tracks: Business and Technical.  Please select one or both tracks to enroll.  We are hosting these webinars at Cisco’s Virtualization channel on BrightTalk.com.  To enroll, the attendee must be a registered member of BrightTalk (registration is free).  Start time for each session is 17h00.

Track One – Business Track

This business track provides a high-level overview and business benefits of the Nexus 1000V/1010 and Cisco’s virtual network services.

Track Two – Technical Track

This technical track provides a deep-dive on deployment best practices of the Nexus 1000V/1010 and Cisco’s virtual network services. 

Register Now!

Register Now!

These sessions will also be available on-demand on the registration page after the above dates. If you do have any questions don’t hesitate to contact your Cisco Sales Representative or to leave us a comment.

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