And if after all Unified Computing System (a.k.a UCS) was a simple as that to deploy…

Ever wondered how look and feel would it be to manage the architectural breakthrough Unified Computing System from Cisco ?

You’re a just a few clicks away to make it happen…

1/ Download our UCSM emulator and follow installation procedure at :

2 / Take a look to these short video’s bringing you sequentialy through the process of setting up your UCS system.

  1. UCS Initial CLI setup :
  2. UCS initial UCS-M setup:
  3. UCS IP KVM setup:
  4. UCS LAN setup:
  5. UCS SAN setup:

3/ You’re now all set to play and challenge your virtual system as much as you want 🙂

4/ It’s good now, right ? Convinced…? It’s probably time to contact your Cisco Sales rep and get to know more about all the benefits UCS can bring to your organization.


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