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The IPv6 Implementation Action Plan (by TechWiseTV)

Isn’t real time to think about your company’s (and personal)  network migration to IPv6? 

That’s why today I want to share this (quite long but) very interesting video produced by our  TechWiseTV friends Robb Boyd & Jimmy Ray.

They have interviewed Cisco’s IPv6 experts around the world and walk us thru the key steps to successful implementation. The security implication are of course covered as well as co-existence mechanisms such as NAT64.

And not to forget Cisco’s own real-world experiences with IPv6, from the backstage of World IPv6 day last June ’11. See more links below.

If you wish to attend a deep dive workshop on this topic, feel free to contact me at jpa@cisco.com

World IPv6 Day: A Watershed Moment Towards a New Internet Protocol

Cisco.com users on World IPv6 Day 5 to 10 times more likely to use IPv6 than visitors to other websites

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