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Workshop Troubleshooting High-Value SIP Solutions

The TechWise TV Workshop on “Troubleshooting High-Value SIP Solutions” is an interesting session for people who are working with the Cisco Unified Border Element in SIP trunking environments.

The session does a deep dive on some of the leading IOS methods to troubleshoot and debug SIP calls. It talks about how to read some of the encrypted IOS debugs and the power of “Embedded Event Manager” to troubleshoot SIP calls in a high call environment.

It shows once again the strong debug tools on Cisco IOS. You can even capture specifc packets and create  pcap files to analyze with your Wireshark the calls.

Topics Covered:

-Using ACL to capture SIP Signaling Packets

-Capturing packets and dumping them to FTP site without port spanning

-Per Call Debugging

-How to read “debug voip ccapi inout” and “debug ccsip messages” debugs

-Using Embedded Event Manager

Link: http://cisco.6connex.com/vep/index.html?eventname=cvc&langR=en_US&mcc=204117_9&share=true&share=true#nid=node18980;cid=12586

Once you’re logged in, go into the search part and add the session title Troubleshooting High-Value SIP Solutions. You can download the session to watch offline.

Hope you find the session informative and interesting.

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