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New dates : Server and Desktop Virtualization Bootcamps

One of the biggest issues that that IT phases is overall responsiveness. Today, a request to provision an application can take weeks or months due to the silo’ed infrastructure, decision making and processes that exist within IT.

One of the challenges Virtualisation has creating is the need to manage and orchestrate all of these VMs floating around the data center and between data centers.
We develop that Bootcamp one-day event is a split between theory and hands-on experience. This is an offer to you to experience the solution in a real live scenario . During the morning you will learn the theoretical information necessary and in the afternoon you get the opportunity to setup the complete environment on real physical hardware.

This one-day event is a split between theory and hands-on experience.
We have two Bootcamp series, and we are working to to deliver new contents soon, stay tuned!!

Bootcamp Virtualisation server

VMware and Cisco will demonstrate how to design, architect, install and operate a very lean Virtualisation infrastructure based on Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS), VMware vSphere 4.0 and Nexus 1000v. Such an environment allows you to consolidate mission critical servers on a fully virtualized infrastructure which allows achieving massive cost and power savings.

Join this event and gain more information on how your business may experience tremendous cost savings on capital and operational expenses with a virtualized data center. These savings are achieved with powerful Unified Management System of UCS base on Intel chipset technology. Improve your service levels through the usage of Cisco Service Profiles and vSphere’s vMotion and of course with VMware vSphere 4.0, the best platform for building cloud infrastructures. Cisco and VMware help you combine server, network, network services, security and storage Virtualisation under a single management pane with UCS Manager and vCenter.

Bootcamp Virtualisation desktop

The traditional approach to managing desktops in a global enterprise has become untenable. Increasingly, geographically dispersed user endpoints, in the form of desktopand laptop computers and personal devices, are making “desktop” management and security nearly impossible.

VMware, NetApp , and Cisco have partnered to develop Desktop Virtualisation Solution, move towards user-centric computing and transform traditional stationary desktops into untethered stateless workspaces available from anywhere and at anytime, which is a carefully designed and lab validated solution for the next generation data center.
After a combined solution overview in the morning, you can build-up and configure yourself a very lean system architecture and solution design, you will experience how Desktop deployments with that scenario will radically simplified architecture reduce complexity by reducing the number of components that need to be purchased, powered, cooled, configured, managed, and secured by about one-third compared to other centralized and decentralized desktop solutions.

Register today. Limited seating available.

If you are placed on a waitlist and require any further information please email the event coordinator : Michael Neefs (mneefs@cisco.com)

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