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Social Media Customer Care

Today there are over 100 million status updates posted per day between just Facebook and Twitter. While it’s true that perhaps 99.9% are irrelevant to your company…when the numbers are this large and growing quickly it’s easy to see how the quantity of useful conversations is starting to become meaningful.
Is your company listening what’s being said about your products and services? Some people are saying nice things, others are saying not-so-nice things and sometimes they are asking for advice. What’s the right way to respond? What if you don’t respond? Are you missing opportunities?

Cisco SocialMiner allows enterprises to proactively monitor and engage in conversations with their customers on the social web. This solution is part of our Customer Contact portfolio. It will use feeds coming from different sources: RSS (like Google Alert, Google Blog Search, …), Authenticated RSS, Twitter stream, Twitter account, Facebook Fan pages, …

These are the main features of SocialMiner:

  • Social Media Campaign management will allow the configuration of multiple campaigns that seek out customer postings on specific products or services.  For example, there could be a campaign that’s narrowly focused on a new product launch; or there could be a campaign that looks for overall corporate feedback.
  • Route and queue contacts to experts. The Cisco solution will offer a range of routing and queuing options that leverage and extend Cisco core contact center functionality; but also introduce new routing capability that extends work assignments from formal contact centers agents to to marketing staff.
  • Social Screen Pop provides the agent will full context around the customer who’s posted the social contact.
  • Social Media Care metrics will include dashboarding of social media posting activity with Cisco Unified Intelligence Center
  • Cisco Collaboration Tools The Cisco social media customer care solution puts staff in a position to help serve customers, and by leveraging the full suite of Cisco collaboration tools the staff will be able to find answers to help customers efficiently and effectively.

SocialMiner Commercial:

Social Media Customer Care Concept demonstration:

Interested? Read more at http://www.cisco.com/go/socialminer

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