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WLAN – Get your company Wireless Network at home: Extend-Office Solution!

What is Cisco OfficeExtend Solution:

The Cisco OfficeExtend is a secure, simple, and cost-effective solution that extends the corporate wireless network to remote sites. It provides mobile connectivity to workers at temporary work spaces or locations outside of the traditional corporate office, including teleworkers, full- and part-time home-office workers, and mobile contractors.

No more need to add a dedicated AP for personal use and one for professional use, you can combine both in 1.

Solution Elements

  • 5508 Wireless Controller
  • 1130 AP; 1140 AP
  • Management through WCS

Solution Design:

On OfficeExtend AP, you will work creating an AP that can be used at home to access office wireless network.

It is a special type of Hybrid Remote Edge Access Point (HREAP) which combines the best of central management and local data switching in an AP.

Keep IT to control Corporate network and enforce policy everywhere at anytime.

Keep non-employee (family) to access the internet wirelessly without adding devices and that they can control! They will create their own SSID which will be routed locally, directly to the internet.

You will work with NAT, QoS, SIP, encryption and data forwarding technologies on both the AP and the Controller. In addition you will work on common remote access technologies such as data forwarding, 802.11, Client Management, Authentication and VLAN technologies among others.

Easy to install:

  • A user is given an access point that has been ‘primed’ with the IP address (or addresses) of controllers that have public IP addresses on them
  • The user plugs the AP into their home router
  • The AP gets an IP address from their home router, joins the primed controller and creates a secured tunnel to it
  • The AP advertises corporate SSID
  • The same security methods and services are thereby extended across the WAN to the user’s home

Controller Configuration:

  1. Prime the AP to the WLC as it get its IP address
  2. Set the selected AP in HREAP mode
  3. Enable the OfficeExtend option:

Home SSID configuration:

  1. Connect on the AP via its local IP address:
  2. Create your own SSIDusing Open, WPA or WPA2/PSK or 104 bit WEP key

More technical detail:

  • 5508 Controller is installed in a DMZ and reachable through a firewall/NAT (NAT to be enable on the WLC)
  • Voice (7921G/7925G) over Cisco ExtendOffice is supported

More information can be found at:


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