New product alert : Nexus 1010

The Nexus 1000V story just got a little bit more exciting !

Cisco has recently announced the Nexus 1010 Virtual Services Appliance, which allows the N1kV’s control plane (i.e. the Virtual Supervisor Module) to be implemented in a hardware form factor, instead of a virtual machine inside a VMware ESX server.

Not only does this allow datacenter managers to deploy the “brains” of the Nexus 1000V in a dedicated appliance (up to four distinct VSM per Nexus 1010), but it also offers the possibility to implement virtual Network Analysis Module (NAM) for VM-level traffic monitoring.

There is a promotional program that currently includes 32 free VEM licenses for each purchased Nexus 1010. Please contact your Cisco representative for more details.

Pop quiz : will you be able to identify the hardware platform on which the Nexus 1010 is based ?


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  1. this looks like a Cisco UCS rack mount server… I’d say a C200 M2

  2. Well done… wasn’t too difficult with all the ruckus around UCS, was it ? 😉

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